As the days get longer and the weather (hopefully) gets brighter, you’ll want to spend more and more quality time in your garden. Now is the time to start planning how to add value to your garden space and make it a pleasant area to hang out in. Read on for some top tips on how to make your garden the perfect place to spend time in.

1.    Add some garden furniture

When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than heading outside to relax and catch some rays. Why not do it in comfort by adding some quality wooden garden furniture to your outdoor space? Whether you want to host your friends and family for a barbeque seated around a beautiful round picnic table, or chill out for a lazy summer afternoon on a wooden swing seat, we have plenty to choose from here at Somerlap.

Ensure you keep your garden furniture clean all year round so it looks spick and span when you’re ready to use it again in the warmer months.

2.    Put up a garden shed

If you’ve got the space, there’s a number of good reasons to put up a garden shed. A shed adds a wealth of extra storage space to your garden, so you can securely put away any tools or furniture you’re not currently using. You could also opt to transform a garden shed into an office, home gym – whatever is most useful to you.

When putting up a garden shed, think carefully about the purpose of your shed and where it should go in your garden to add the most value.

somerlap shed

3.    Create different areas in your garden

Separating your garden space into different areas dedicated to specific purposes is a great way to change the look and feel of your garden. One way to do this is using high quality wooden railway sleepers, which add a rustic, natural look to your garden divisions.

One of the ways railways sleepers can enhance your garden is by using them to create raised flowerbeds or planters, perfect for growing your own fresh vegetables, or creating a beautiful display of bright flowers and plants.

Gardening is very good for us, proven to reduce stress and improve both physical and mental health. If you’ve created a space to do some gardening with railway sleepers – or installed a ready-made wooden garden planter – you could further transform your garden by making your own compost. Getting a compost bin is a great way to put both garden and household waste to good use.

4.    Add wooden decking

Laying down some wooden decking is another great way to add value to your garden space. Wooden decking is a great place to set up an outdoor dining area, or a space to relax in and enjoy being outside.

The decking we stock at Somerlap has been pressure treated to ensure it is protected from the rain and able to withstand harsh winters and wet weather. You should still clean and maintain your decking to make sure it looks good and lasts for years to come.

5.    Attract your local wildlife

Hearing the birds chirping and bees buzzing is one of the highlights of having a garden, and making your outdoor space a haven for the local wildlife is best way to make sure they turn up. Put up bird boxes – like our trendy Hexagonal Bird Box or rustic Log Cabin Bird Box – and bird feeders to entice feathered friends to pay a visit.

You can also attract bees to your garden by planting wildflowers and diverse plant life, which can be done by scattering a Bee Bomb in your garden space.

Somerlap can help you add value to your garden space

At Somerlap, we’re passionate about helping you make your garden the best space it can be. From our range of gardening products to beautiful timber fencing, we’ve got it all here at our site in Mark, Somerset.

Contact our friendly team for more information, or come pay us a visit.

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