Both pre-assembled and flat packed garden furniture have their pros and cons. Here's how to decide which is right for you...

Pre-assembled garden furniture

No time or inclination to assemble? Pre-assembled garden furniture is for you:

  • No set up time, good for busy homeowners.
  • Ready to use straight away, ideal if you have a BBQ or garden party coming up!
  • No tools or DIY skills required.
  • Perfect for those with limited mobility who would struggle with set up.

Flat packed garden furniture

Flat packed garden furniture is great for those on a tight budget as well as DIY enthusiasts:

  • Assembling a product yourself will normally save costs.
  • Great for gardens or homes with limited access. The product is boxed up and much smaller, so can fit through tighter gaps.
  • Easy to store until you need it, for example if you're buying furniture in autumn or winter.
  • Fun to build if you love DIY!
Somerlap flat packed garden furniture All Somerlap flat packed garden furniture is securely packaged and comes complete with quality fixings and easy-to-follow instructions.

The choice is yours

Whichever option you prefer, the Somerlap team can help. Our quality garden furniture range is delivered flat packed as standard, but we are also happy to provide assembly if needed. Just get in touch to arrange assembly.

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