summer housesHere's some great (and simple) ideas to keep the children from getting bored in the summer holidays – whilst making the most of your garden.

1. Camp out in the garden and look at the stars

Make a makeshift camp with outdoor cushions.

2. Create a play den

Use sheets over garden furniture, or invest in an adventure playhouse for many years of garden adventures.

3. Hold a sports day

Don't feel you have to stick to traditional sports – make use of what you have in the garden. What about a wheelbarrow relay or a gardening glove throwing contest?

4. Eat outside

Eating outside is one of the pleasures of summer and thankfully children find it great fun too. Here's how to have a great BBQ in the garden.

5. Start a compost heap

Teach kids about recycling by getting a compost heap going.

6. Put up fencing and then let children run free!

There's nothing better than being able to run wild during the summer holidays, so set up suitable fencing and let them roam free!

7. Have a treasure hunt

Depending on how much effort you're willing to put in, you could create a series of clues leading to treasure, or just hide some easy treasure around the garden.

Alternatively, try creating a list of garden treasures for children to locate – from plants to colours.

8. Mud kitchen

Ready-made mud kitchens are all the rage but you can also create just as much fun with an old saucepan or two.

9. Grow vegetables

Show little ones how vegetables grow – they'll have great fun digging and watering. Even better if there's some to harvest for dinner.

10. Have an outdoor sleepover

Sleeping outside can be excellent fun, but if you're more of a glamper than a camper, then sleep in a camping pod for a few extra creature comforts!

11. Set up a garden football pitch

Even if your garden is small, there's probably enough room for a game of football for the little ones. Set up a simple goal with whatever you have to hand, or create a football "pitch" contained by timber walls.

12. Create a DIY outdoor play area

You don't need much to create a fun outdoor play area – use machine round poles to create a makeshift wigwam, or tie ribbons onto a single pole to create a maypole. We recommend covering the floor area with play bark to soften any falls.

13. Build a pallet fort

Construct a garden fort out of pallets – you could incorporate seating areas, look outs or even a bridge! The only limit is your imagination – check out these on Google for inspiration.

14. Have a water fight

Finally, if it's a hot day, a water fight is always a guaranteed summer holidays favourite with children!

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