Autumn is here again, bringing with it changing colours, cold mornings, cosy evenings indoors – and, occasionally, storms. But the threat of storms doesn’t have to mean the end of your garden looking beautiful. Read on for a few top tips from Somerlap on the steps you can take to storm proof your garden and give yourself peace of mind.

Storm proof your fencing

There are several things to consider when ensuring your garden fence is as storm proof as it possibly can be – and it’s best to start thinking about it as soon as you get your fencing.

To begin with, it’s best to put your fence up using longer fence posts that can be installed deeper into the ground. Fence posts that are deeply set in the ground will be able to offer more support to your fence panels.

There are no fence panels that are 100% storm proof, but there are things you can do to make your fencing as resistant to adverse weather conditions as possible. If you’re putting up a fence in a particularly windy area, selecting a style that is wind resistant and allows air to pass through it is a smart choice – such as our Omega Lattice Panel fencing.

You could also put up a shorter style of fencing in areas which are particularly exposed and susceptible to high winds, such as our Picket Fencing Panels and Cross Top Panels.

Alternatively, you can choose a particularly strong fencing style that can hold its own against those persistent storm winds. Our Country Range Feather Edge Panels are ideal for this – strong, durable, and made from top quality timber.

When it comes to attaching fence panels, screwing the panels into your fence posts adds another layer of storm proofing. Always put up a garden fence with wooden posts rather than concrete ones, as panels cannot be screwed into concrete posts. Fence panels move around a lot in high winds, and if they are slotted into concrete posts this will potentially damage the panels.

Using more post fixing mix when first putting up your fences is also a great way to establish strength and wind resistance from the minute your fence goes up.

Storm proof your garden

With your fence taken care of, it’s time to make sure the rest of your garden is ready for all weathers too.

If you’ve got any loose items about your garden that are vulnerable to storm damage, consider storing them inside your garden shed or outdoor storage.

Take some time to check your garden shed over before the storm winds hit. Make sure the roof is secure, and reattach any felting that might have come loose. All Somerlap sheds are a good sturdy quality, designed to last.

It’s also a good idea to tie any trees in your garden together with soft garden twine, which will protect them and help them stand their ground in strong winds. If you have a single tree standing alone, you can also place a stake in the ground next to it and tie it to that.

Get your garden storm ready with Somerlap

From sturdy garden fences to beautiful, durable garden sheds, Somerlap have everything you need to ensure your garden looks good before and after the stormy season. We also have plenty of advice to offer, from how to protect your timber fencing in winter, to how to put up a garden shed.

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