Looking for a simple way to change the look of your garden? An easy and affordable solution is incorporating railway sleepers to transform the visual appeal of your garden. Here at Somerlap, we stock top quality wooden sleepers, available in both pressure treated softwood and recycled hardwood.

Read on for ideas on how to use railway sleepers to transform your garden into the outdoor space you want it to be.

1. Create flowerbeds and vegetable gardens

What garden is complete without a brightly coloured flowerbed, or vegetable garden bursting with fresh, delicious produce? By stacking and laying railways sleepers horizontally, you can easily create raised flowerbeds or planters.

And if you would prefer for it to arrive already assembled for you, we also stock planters in attractive pressure treated green.

2. Create garden borders or paths

Another thing railway sleepers are perfect for is making borders around the edge of your garden, or for creating garden paths.

Fill the space between your railway sleepers with bark or woodchip, and easily create attractive paths between the different areas of your garden.

3. Build steps or retaining walls

Create a fresh new look by using wooden garden sleepers to build steps in your outdoor space. An alternative to using brick, railway sleepers also make a great building material for retaining walls within your garden.

Wooden steps or retaining walls built from sleepers create a rustic aesthetic in your garden. The railway sleepers are easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful all year round.

4. Build garden furniture

If you want to construct some simple garden furniture, railway sleepers fit the bill perfectly. Make a simple wooden bench, or create a seating area around a garden table.

Our wooden garden sleepers are made from top quality wood, so you can use them to build durable garden furniture that will look good for years to come.

At Somerlap, we stock wooden railway sleepers and much more

If you’re feeling inspired to change the look of your garden, here at Somerlap we stock all the quality timber products you need to get started. From decking to fencing and so much more, we’ve got it all here at our Somerset site.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you transform your garden into the sanctuary you want it to be.

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