When it comes to choosing the perfect garden shed, there’s a lot to consider – and we’re here to help. Read on for all the questions you’ll need to answer to choose your ideal garden shed.

1. What are you going to use your garden shed for?

An obvious – but important – thing to consider is exactly what you will use your new garden shed for. This in turn will affect every other question you’ll need to ask yourself, such as what style of shed you need and how big it will be. From wooden garden sheds, to storage spaces and more – we have the shed to suit you.

Storage Shed

  • If you want a shed that serves as a handy outdoor storage space, you’ll need to work out how much room you need to comfortably store everything you want to keep tucked away neat and tidy.

  • For storing bulkier items – like lawn mowers, wheelbarrows and other garden equipment – consider adding double doors to your shed. This option is available on the Standard Apex Shed, a sturdy and highly customisable wooden garden shed.

  • If you want to store specific items in your shed, look out for purpose-built sheds in our range to suit your need – such as our Bike Store and Tool Tidy units.

Work Shed

  • Planning to use your shed to work on DIY projects or tinker away at your favourite hobby? You’ll want to make sure your new shed has plenty of height, as well as space for all your tools and materials.

  • For easy access to your work shed, consider laying down extra decking around it. We supply high-quality decking boards and screws, all constructed right here on our Somerset site.

  • If you’re going to spend a lot of time in your garden shed, it might pay to have an electricity supply so you can install lights and heating. Cables for an electricity supply could also be laid down beneath any surrounding decking to prevent damage.

Specialist Shed

  • If you’re in the market for a specialist shed, it’s worth exploring our product range. If you’re a keen gardener, our Sun Pent potting shed will make the perfect gardening companion.

  • We also offer customised products at competitive prices – so if you’ve got a very specific purpose in mind, we can create the bespoke wooden shed to perfectly suit your needs.

2. Where will your garden shed go?

Once you’ve decided how big your shed should be, the next thing to consider is where in your garden you want to place it. Outdoor space is precious, so it’s important to make sure your shed is cleverly positioned for you to get the best use out of it without losing too much of your garden.

  • Accessibility: If you’re planning to access your shed frequently, it will pay to position it near a garden path or decking – or lay some down if needed.

  • Visibility: It’s up to you whether you want to paint your shed in dazzling colours for all the neighbours to see, or keep it lowkey and tucked away in a corner of your garden.

  • Electricity: If you need electricity in your shed, position it somewhere where cables can easily be laid to connect it to the nearest power supply.

  • Natural light: If your shed has windows, consider positioning it so the windows face south to allow the most natural light into the space.

  • Surroundings: Consider how your shed’s surroundings may affect it. Positioning it in the shade will keep it cool during hot summer months. Avoid placing it directly under trees to prevent damage from overhanging branches.

  • Drainage: Ensure rainwater will easily drain away from your chosen location to prevent potential flood damage to your garden shed.

3. How do you want your garden shed to look?

Once you know what your shed is going to be used for and where in your garden it’s going to go, the last thing to consider is the overall look of your shed. Important factors to think about are the materials your shed will be constructed from and the style it will be built in.


  • Apex sheds: The traditional shed style, apex sheds have a triangular sloped roof, offering excellent drainage and ideal for maximising your storage space.

  • Pent sheds: Pent sheds have a single sloped roof, with higher eaves at the front. If you want to use your shed as a workspace, the generous headroom offered by this style makes it favourable.

  • Specialist sheds: Custom-made or purpose-built sheds will have a unique aesthetic that’s best suited to their specialist properties.


Sheds from Somerlap are made-to-order onsite in Somerset, and constructed from the finest quality timber and materials. As well as durability, we’re also committed to sustainability – all our shed timber is sourced from a sustainable provider who are recognised by the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) as a responsible purchaser.

Our sheds are also highly customisable. Choose from options such as double or stable doors, fixed or open windows and security windows, and more.

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