Concrete gravel boards

Garden fences last a lot longer when they are protected by gravel boards. Gravel boards promote the lifespan of timber fencing and help increase their durability. But what exactly are gravel boards, and which is better for your fence: a concrete or wooden one?

Read on to find out more.

What is a gravel board?

A gravel board is a piece of wood or concrete that goes under your fence panels. The gravel board sits on top of the ground beneath your fence.

The primary purpose of gravel boards is to keep fence panels off the ground, to ensure they do not come into contact with grass, plants, or the damp ground. This stops fence panels from taking on excessive moisture and helps prevent them from rotting.

A gravel board protects your panel from moisture damage and increases its lifespan. Garden equipment such as lawn mowers and hedge trimmers can also damage the bottom of your fence if it’s not protected by a gravel board.

Benefits of gravel boards

Installing gravel boards will increase the durability of your fence panels, saving you money in the long run.

Gravel boards give fences a cleaner and neater appearance, and close up any unsightly gaps at the bottom of the fence – ensuring complete privacy in your garden.

Gravel boards will also protect your fencing from damage, whether that’s from damp, garden equipment, or ball games.

Concrete gravel boards

Concrete gravel boards are long-lasting and – unlike wooden gravel boards – don’t rot or decay. With the right care, concrete gravel boards can last for decades.

However, unlike wooden gravel boards, concrete gravel boards don’t need to be treated regularly to maintain their condition. They provide a strong, sturdy foundation for your fence, adding extra protection during storms and high winds.

Be aware that concrete gravel boards cost more than wooden ones, though they shouldn’t need replacing as often. Concrete is also, obviously, much heavier than wood – so ensure you’ve got help at hand when fitting a concrete gravel board.

Wooden gravel boards

Wooden gravel boards are a great option if you’re looking to extend the life of your fence panel at an affordable price – they cost less than concrete gravel boards.

Our wooden gravel boards have also been pressure treated to increase their lifespan. They protect your fence whilst providing a natural timber aesthetic, which some people prefer to concrete gravel boards, which stand out in contrast to a timber fence.

Whilst wooden gravel boards will eventually need replacing, they are much cheaper to replace than the fence panels they protect. And, like fence panels, wooden gravel boards can be coated with a wood treatment like Protek Stable Coat to extend their lifespan and protect them from moisture damage.

Protect your fences with gravel boards from Somerlap

Once you’ve chosen the style of gravel board that best suits your garden, here at Somerlap we have everything you need to fit your gravel boards correctly. From slot-in fence posts to our extensive range of beautiful timber fence panels, we have everything you need to fence and protect your outdoor space.

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