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To really make the most of your outdoor space, stunning handmade wooden garden furniture is an absolute must. At Somerlap, we have a wide range of wooden garden furniture on offer – everything from garden benches to swing seats – all built to last right here at our Somerset site.

In order to keep your wooden garden furniture looking as good as the day it arrived, there’s several things you can do to keep it clean and protected. The way you maintain your outdoor wooden furniture is slightly different depending on whether it’s made from softwood or hardwood.

Check out our handy guide below for how to properly clean and protect your wooden outdoor garden furniture.

1. Softwood garden furniture

We stock many fantastic softwood products, such as the Outdoor Softwood Garden Swing Seat – constructed from sustainable FSC softwood timber and sure to complement any garden with its eye-catching, elegant design.

Or, if you’re looking to create a social space in your garden, our Standard Softwood Round Garden Picnic Table is the ideal place to sit outdoors and enjoy a summer barbeque.

Softwood garden furniture is affordable, lightweight and versatile. It can be painted and varnished to perfectly suit your outdoor space – but in order to keep it looking the way you want, there are several steps you’ll need to follow.

How to clean and protect softwood garden furniture

  • Wash: Every year, wash your wooden garden furniture with warm, soapy water to remove any stains and accumulated dirt. Avoid using strong chemicals, as this can damage softwood and ruin its aesthetic.

  • Treat: To maximise the lifespan of your softwood garden furniture, it will need treating to prevent shrinkage and cracking – treatment should be applied after washing. We stock Protek Decking Stain, specially formulated to prevent wear and tear and waterproof your wooden garden furniture. It’s recommended to treat your furniture once a year.

  • Paint: An advantage of softwood furniture is that it can be painted the colour of your choice. Using an oil-based paint or varnish will further help preserve the softwood.

2. Hardwood garden furniture

Beautifully crafted hardwood furniture adds comfort and style to any outdoor space. At Somerlap, we have a wide range of products on offer.

Our elegant Roble Turnberry Bench is the perfect perch to sit outside and read a book under the sun. Built to last, this bench is made from one the world’s most durable hardwood timbers.

Another product made from this strong, sustainably-sourced hardwood is our Roble Folding Tea Set For Two – add it to your garden and create the ideal spot to sit a drink a morning cuppa.

With its warm colouring and long-lasting, weather resilient quality it’s easy to see why hardwood garden furniture is so appealing. Follow the steps outlined below to ensure its good looks don’t fade.

How to clean and protect hardwood garden furniture

  • Wash: Give your hardwood furniture a wash with warm, soapy water and scrub it with a brush once every year.

  • Treat or don’t treat: If you let your hardwood furniture age naturally, it will weather from a reddish brown to a silvery grey colour. Appealing to some, but if this isn’t the look you want treat your furniture each year after washing with a treatment, such as Protek Decking Stain.

  • Don’t paint or oil: Hardwood garden furniture cannot be painted and should not be coated with an oil or sealant as it will turn black.

3. General rules for how to clean your wooden garden furniture

Although softwood and hardwood require slightly different kinds of TLC to keep them looking tip top, there are a few general rules of thumb to follow when it comes to cleaning your wooden garden furniture.

  • Ideally you should apply any treatments on a dry, sunny day.

  • If it’s been a while since you cleaned your furniture and it’s acquired a layer of moss or lichen, use a stiff brush to scrape it away and further sand the area down to reveal fresh wood.

  • Follow the grain of the wood if you brush, scrub or sand your furniture.

  • Never use a pressure washer to clean your wooden garden furniture, as the force can cause it to splinter.

  • Positioning your wooden garden furniture on a hard outdoor surface – such as paving, gravel or decking – helps prevent the legs from rotting. Explore our wide range of decking, and keep it looking as spic and span as your outdoor wooden furniture by checking out our blog for tips on how to clean and maintain your decking.

  • If you want to cover your furniture to protect it during the winter months, be sure to purchase a breathable furniture cover that leaves an air gap at the bottom to lessen the chances of mildew growing.

Transform your outdoor space with wooden garden furniture from Somerlap

Now you know that cleaning it is a doddle, all that remains is to choose the handmade wooden garden furniture for you. Contact the Somerlap team today – our quality products are built to last, and delivery is free within a 50-mile radius of our site.

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