It’s no secret that gardening makes us feel good. Gardening isn’t just about creating a beautiful flower bed or productive vegetable patch – it’s also good for body and mind alike. But how does gardening improve mental health and make us feel better in our bodies?

It’s a physical workout

There’s no end to the health benefits of exercise. Regular physical activity lowers the risk of many things, from heart disease to stroke.

Digging in flowerbeds, raking up leaves, weeding – all these activities burn an enormous amount of calories and get your heart pumping. Spending time doing gardening can become part of your exercise regime and help keep you fit.

Getting the sun on your face increases your vitamin D levels, which is especially important in the dark winter months (but remember to wear suncream if you’re planning to be out there a while!).

It’s good for mental health

Not only does gardening keep your body fit and healthy, it great for your mind too. Gardening allows you to be present, and is often recommended as a way of being mindful outside the usual activities such as meditation. There is also evidence that working in the garden helps prevent cognitive decline in later years.

Even getting your hands dirty in the garden is good for you! There’s evidence that the healthy bacteria that lives in soil increase serotonin levels and makes us feel happy.

It reduces stress

Being in gardens and green spaces also help reduce depression and anxiety. If there is something on your mind, working on the garden gives you the chance to focus on something different.

Having goals is also a great way to reduce stress and create fulfilment in life. Planting seeds, nurturing them, watching them grow, and planning what you want to happen next with your garden gives gardeners something to focus on and improves wellbeing.

At Somerlap, we have what you need to get started with your gardening projects

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