One of the most creative ways to add value to your garden is by creating different zones in your outdoor space. Whether you’ve got a small pocket garden that you want to make your own, or an expansive outdoor space to transform into something unique – garden zoning can help.

Read on for our top tips on how to create different zones in your garden and create a beautiful garden sanctuary.

1.    Create a dining area

As the summer rolls in, the desire to dine outside is almost irresistible. If you’ve got a paved or decked area of your garden, this is can easily be transformed into an outdoor dining area.  

We stock an extensive range of top quality wooden garden furniture – fantastic for hosting your friends and family for a summer evening barbeque. Or, if you’re limited on space, our beautiful Tudor Softwood Bench or softwood Carver Garden Chair are ideal for creating a small garden chill out area.

2.    Use trellis screening

It’s important to create clear distinctions between the different zones in your garden. A great way to do this is using trellis or lattice screening. Trellis fence panels can be threaded with climbing plants to add a natural beauty, and also a create a sense of privacy.

You can also attach a trellis or lattice to a fence or wall, or use trellis or lattice fence panelling to screen your dining area and make it into an intimate, private outdoor dining space.

3.    Use railway sleepers

One of the easiest ways to alter the shape and look of your garden is using wooden sleepers. There are many ways you can use railway sleepers to enhance your garden.

Wooden sleepers are rustic, hardwearing, and incredibly versatile. What you can do with them is really only limited by your imagination. You can use them create borders or paths between the different zones of your garden. A great way to use railway sleepers is to create a raised planter for a vegetable garden – and we all know gardening is good for us.

4.    Create an area for wildlife

Inviting nature into your garden goes beyond growing your favourite plants. Turn your outdoor space into a welcoming area for your local wildlife – you could add bird boxes like our beautiful Hexagonal Bird Box or Log Cabin Bird Box.

You can also attract bees to your garden by scattering a Bee Bomb, and planting a range of plant life and wildflowers.

Transform your garden with Somerlap

Whether you’re dividing your garden into different zones, putting up beautiful timber fencing, or keen to get into a bit of gardening – Somerlap are here to help.

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