We recommend cleaning your decking a couple times of year in order to maintain the lifespan of your timber. How you clean your decking will be dictated by the type of finish or treatment you have chosen to use. Follow our simple step by step guide of how to clean your decking to get the most out of your garden.


1. Clear the decks

First things first it’s advisable, if possible, to remove your furniture and flower pots from the deck so you can work freely. Garden pots will gather dust and dirt beneath them so moving them aside will aid your cleaning process. Moss and mould can also build up in shadier areas so clearing the decks also allows you to check all decking boards for any signs of rot or decay.


2. Clean sweep

Use a stiff brush in the first instance to remove any stubborn moss and then follow with a softer brush which will get in-between the grooves and remove dirt and dusty sediment.


3. Wash and go

If your decking is in good condition then a gentle hose down in combination with a brush may be sufficient. Take care not to over use the power-hose as this can cause painted decking to flake prematurely or even damage the wood.

If your decking is looking a little weather beaten then we advise using a decking cleaner which is great at removing mould, moss and stubborn stains. If you’d like to use a chemical-free and more environmentally friendly option to clean your decking then we also recommend using a steam cleaner. We also stock Wet & Forget which is perfect for removing and killing mould, algae, lichen and moss without the need for any special equipment whilst preventing damage. 


4. Treatment plan

Paint? Oil? Stain? Ideally all decking should have some form of treatment. The majority of softwood decking planks will have been pressure treated at the outset but in order to ensure a longer lifespan we recommend some form of treatment for the wood.

Paint gives you the most options when it comes to colour choice and can create a striking exterior living space. It is worth bearing in mind that this is also the most maintenance heavy and will require regular upkeep.

Stain treatments are more subtle and easier to apply. There are many options on the market which penetrate the wood offering a water repellent protection for your decking. Somerlap are pleased to recommend Protek products which are low odour and harmless to plants and animals once dry.

Oil is perfect if you are after the natural look for your decking. Oil will penetrate into the wood acting as a natural preserver whilst letting the grain of the wood stand out for a natural finish. Depending on wear and tear you may only need to re-oil your deck every few years.

Before you start any treatment we always recommend checking the weather forecast first. You’ll need at least a few days of dry weather for any treatments to thoroughly dry. After cleaning your decking, do check if your timber is dry enough to treat. You can do this by simply pressing the tip of a screw into the timber and see if water seeps out – if it doesn't then the timber is ready to be painted.

Now your decking is ready for summer, you may want to add some extra finishing touches. Decking planters are perfect for adding a touch of colour using summer blooms or a fragrant herb garden. Alternatively Somerlap have a wide range of quality garden furniture – perfect to complete your decking 'wow' factor.

If you need any further advice for your decking project contact the Somerlap Team today.

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