Did you know, over a third of Britons own a shed, and the average person spends nearly a year of their lives in theirs!

Here at Somerlap we love the versatility of garden sheds — it is not just a place to store junk, there are hundreds of clever uses for the humble shed. Here are 25 to get you started…

1. Home gym

A spacious shed provides an ideal space to set up gym equipment without cluttering up the house.

2. Store tools

Growing tool collection? Keep them dry and safe in a tool shed.

Tool tidy

3. Home office

Working from home can be challenging, so why not set up an office in your garden shed?

4. Store garden furniture

Use your shed to keep garden furniture dry and out of the way ready for the next sunny day.

5. Summer house

Dream of spending your days in a beautiful summer house? Why not create a summer haven in your shed.

6. Store bikes

Sheds are perfect for keeping bikes safe from opportunistic thieves as well as protecting them from the effects of the weather. You can even get a custom-designed bike shed that's just the right size for your bike collection.

Toy and Bike Store

7. Guest accommodation

Got people coming to stay and nowhere for them to sleep? More and more people are utilising space in their garden to host guests in their shed. Check out these amazing shed conversions.

8. Inventors shed

Busy designing the next Dyson? A shed makes the perfect space for concentrating on your inventions.

9. Store bulky sports equipment

Whatever sport you are into — from surfing to fishing — a shed is a great place to store equipment so it's out of the way when you aren't using it.

10. Ticket hut

Sheds really can be used for anything, Yeo Valley even used one of our custom sheds as a ticket hut!

yeo valley

11. Writing hut

Solve your writer's block by getting away from it all at the bottom of the garden.

12. Bar

Always dreamt of owning your own bar? Make your dreams come true by creating a bar in a shed.

13. Hobby shed

From astronomy to model railways, a garden shed is the perfect place to enjoy your favourite hobby.

14. Potting shed

Potting shed

Nothing can beat a good potting shed for gardening enthusiasts.

15. Art studio

Get creative in your own shed art studio.

16. Workshop

Whatever you are making, you can guarantee a shed will provide a great workshop space.

17. Games room

Always wanted a pool table or table tennis table? Set up a games room in the shed and you can play all year round.

18. Children’s play den


Children will love having their own little house in the garden

19. Craft shed

Love crafts? Get crafty to your heart's content in the shed.

20. Alternative to self-storage

Don't pay expensive fees for self-storage when you can store your stuff in a shed.

21. Keep bins out of sight

Waste and recycling bins can be unsightly, so hide them in the shed to keep your garden looking pretty.

22. Pet sheds

dog kennel

Sheds make great homes for pets, either as a shelter in the garden or a permanent home. You can even get specially made dog sheds.

23. Music room or studio

In a band? Get practising in your shed (although you may want to add some sound proofing!).

24. Additional living area

There's no reason not to use your shed as an extension of your house. Not enough space in the main house for a chill-out room or home cinema? Set them up in the shed!

25. Store collections

Collectors are prone to running out of storage space fast, so why not move your collection into the shed?

Choosing the right shed

For tips on choosing the best shed for you, whatever you’re planning to use it for, read our How to choose a garden shed blog.

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