The demand for self storage facilities is steadily growing and competition for space means prices are going up. If you have outside space, a garden shed could offer a cost effective alternative for your additional storage requirements.

To work out how much cheaper a shed could be, we’ve compared the cost of a shed with the cost of monthly self storage for a similar amount of space. The price of garden sheds varies considerably, but for comparison we’re using a higher end, quality shed that’s likely to be long lasting.

For a space comparable to the average garden shed, you can expect to pay around £15 a month in self storage fees. A high quality custom-built garden shed offering a comparable amount of storage could cost up to £500. Although the initial outlay for the shed is more expensive, over time, the investment in the shed would save you money on storage.

Over five years self storage could cost nearly twice as much as a shed

Over two and a half years the cost would be around the same, however the benefit of purchasing a quality shed means that it’s like to last much longer. Over the course of five years, self storage could cost £900, nearly twice the cost of the shed. If correctly maintained, it could last in excess of ten years, at which point the cost difference is even greater. The self storage would have now cost at least £1,800, assuming prices had not risen, while the cost of the shed would now only be equivalent to £4 per month.

Average cost per month

Over 2.5 years

Over 5 years

Over 10 years

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If you don’t have enough room for a shed, another option could be a garden storage box. Although smaller than a shed, it still offers a good amount of storage space and costs significantly less.

If you’re using a shed or a garden storage box for storage purposes, remember to store your possessions in weatherproof boxes, and secure valuables with a lock. You should also check your contents insurance to confirm if your contents will be covered when stored in a shed.

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