With autumn moving in people’s thoughts are turning from the hot sun of summer to the cold evenings of winter. For many families one of the key concerns during the colder days is how to best heat their homes.

Burning hotter than traditional hardwood logs, our wood briquettes provide the ideal fuel for wood-burning stoves and open fires, particularly when combined with logs.

More environmentally friendly

With limited wood supplies and increasing focus on alternative sources of energy, log briquettes don’t just provide a hotter fuel alternative but also a more environmentally friendly one. Formed from the sawmill residue they utilise the sawdust and woodchips to produce a truly recycled “green” fuel that reduces the need to cut virgin trees from our forests.

Long lasting heat

One of the problems which people have always faced with using logs has been comparing exactly how much heat a bag of logs will give off compared to other energy sources. The energy provided from one pack of briquettes is enough to run an average word burning stove for several nights, longer than using the equivalent number of logs, thereby ensuring that they provide the perfect compliment for each other.

A cleaner alternative to coal

The briquettes also provide a far cleaner alternative to coal, without the unpleasant mess and residue. The key to the success of briquettes, also known as heat logs, is that they have more of the moisture removed than standard kiln dried logs, as well as being more compressed. This means that they are able to give a controlled, longer burn with more heat than standard logs, as well as being cleaner and easier to store, provided it is in a dry place.

Buy briquettes

A standard six pack costs £4.70, while discounts are available for bulk purchases, giving just one more reason why the briquettes are going to be burning brighter this winter for everyone.

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