benefits of briquettes

Have you tried burning briquettes in your wood burner yet? If not, you could be in for a pleasant surprise. The benefits of briquettes are numerous...

What are briquettes?

Briquettes are blocks made from compressed waste wood. The Brackettes sold by Somerlap are made from recycled wood that is sourced from non-contaminated timber.

The benefits of briquettes

So why choose briquettes rather than logs? Switching to briquettes some or all of the time could save you money and benefit the environment.

More heat

Briquettes contain less moisture than logs (which contain at least 20% water). Because of this briquettes burn longer and generate more heat than logs.

Better for your wood burner

The greater the moisture content of the wood, the higher the likelihood of chimney and flue problems such as tar build up and high levels of ash. Briquettes burn cleanly (unlike wood) and this, combined with a reduced water content, helps prolong the life of your wood burner.

Better for the environment

The wood used in Somerlap Hot Blocks never includes non-wood materials such as MDF or chipboard, so they're a truly eco-wood fuel made entirely from clean waste wood that has already had a useful life.

briquettesEasy to use

Unlike logs, briquettes are ready to use and they're easy to light; no kindling or newspaper is needed. There’s no chopping required and the small size and uniform shape makes them easy to stack in a garage or log store where they’ll take up about half the space of logs.

One of the other benefits of briquettes is that once burned they only leave a small amount of ash, so you won’t need to empty your wood burner as often.

Cost saving 

As briquettes generate around 50% more heat than logs, and are normally a fraction of the price, they can be a huge money saver for wood burner owners!

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