Garden pergolas and arches come in all shapes, sizes and styles. The one that is right for your garden will depend on the space you have available, what you want to use it for and the effect you would like.

Best for small gardens

For gardens with limited space, a corner pergola will add interest without taking up too much valuable space. It's also an ideal place to grow climbing plants, which also have the benefit of adding shade and privacy to your garden.

Best for garden picnics

If you are a fan of al-fresco dining this dome pergola creates the ideal spot for a garden picnic, as well as adding a fantastic focal point to your garden.

Apollo Pergola - APOLPERG

Best for adding height to gardens

A square pergola is perfect for adding height to your garden or sectioning off an area for dining or shade. Our square pergolas can be made to any size so you can be sure it will fit your space.

square pergola

Best for growing climbing flowering plants

This arch is excellent for growing roses and other flowering climbers, with the wooden frame containing enough space for plants to climb plus grow in the gaps.

rose arch

Best for creating a focal point

Use eye-catching arches to attract attention in your garden. They are ideal for dividing up two areas of the garden, plus it can also give the illusion of a bigger space.

Omega Top Arch OTA1