Arches and pergolas are ideal for adding interest and structure to your garden, whilst also providing a home for climbing plants. They can transform the look of your garden, as well as the smell, with scented climbers adding a delightful fragrance.

Ideas for pergolas

square pergola

Pergolas can be used in all kinds of gardens, including on patios and decked areas. They can:

  • Create a place for plants to grow in small gardens.
  • Be used to increase privacy in an overlooked garden.
  • Create an al-fresco dining area.
  • Divide your garden into separate areas.
  • Create a shaded area for refuge from the sun.

Don't worry if your garden is an unusual shape, both our corner pergolas and square pergolas can be made to measure to fit your requirements.

Ideas for archways

Omega Top Garden Arch

Archways are great for adding interest and height to a garden, often making it appear larger than it is. They can:

  • Create a focal point in your garden or frame a decorative feature.
  • Link different parts of the garden.
  • Be used with garden fencing to provide screening to an area.
  • Be used together to create a covered walkway.
  • Create the illusion of a bigger space when used at the end of your garden.

Top five climbing plants for pergolas and arches

Now is the perfect time to get your pergola or arch in place ready for planting. If you would like to grow flowering climbers on your pergola or arch, here’s our top five choices:

  1. Clematis - plant in spring or autumn, flowers winter to summer.
  2. Rose - plant in spring or autumn, flowers in summer and autumn.
  3. Honeysuckle - plant in spring or autumn, flowers in summer.
  4. Wisteria - plant in spring or autumn, flowers April to June.
  5. Jasmine - plant in spring, flowers in summer.

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