Garden Decking

As a provider of quality decking supplies, Somerlap have been helping with decking projects for many years. Here are ten things to consider when planning garden decking.

  1. How big an area will your deck cover? How many deck boards will you need to cover this area? When working out your budget for decking, also consider what other supplies you will need to cover an area of this size, including screws and fixings.
  2. What kind of deck boards will you use? Decking boards come in a variety of finishes. Do you want boards that have already been treated? If your decking is in an area that’s shady then you may want to choose anti-slip deck boards, which will help prevent against your decking getting slippery in wet weather.
  3. How high your deck will be raised off the ground? If it is more than 30cm high you may need planning permission. Also consider how you will support any decking that is raised off the ground.
  4. Will you have multiple levels? If so, do you need to apply skirting to the side of your deck? This can provide a better finish and keep vermin at bay. Rats and mice are often attracted to the area underneath decking as it provides a safe, dry haven.
  5. How will your deck boards be arranged? There are many options from simple horizontal or vertical arrangements to a more intricate pattern such as herringbone. Whichever you choose, this will affect the number of boards you need and the length, so decide this early on.
  6. What the decking will be attached to? Will you use concrete foundations or will it be affixed to a building? Decking attached to houses need to comply with building regulations.
  7. If your decking is high up, do you need railings for safety? Will you also need a gate? Again, plan these from the beginning so they will work seamlessly with your overall design.
  8. Are there any garden features or access points you will need to deck around or move? For example, large trees, drains or metre points.
  9. Will the deck be positioned in an area that gets sun? Consider how you will use your deck for optimum placement in your garden. If you are planning on using it mainly for evening BBQs, for example, position it in a spot which gets sun late in the day.
  10. Will you need access from the house? If your deck leads directly from your house, double check that doors are still accessible and that you will still have ample access from your house.

Help with planning

Struggling to bring your dream garden decking to life? The Somerlap Team can help plan and install garden decking - get in touch for more information.