Although Covid-19 has brought challenges and new ways of working to most companies, for Somerlap it has not been all bad news.

We produce approximately 2 million new and used pallets every year, as well as packing crates. During the pandemic our products have been in huge demand to help keep the country moving, as goods cannot be transported safely without pallets.

As a result of our continued success, we are expanding our workforce – good news for the region, as the unemployment rate is certain to rise when Furlough comes to an end later this month. In recent weeks we have employed 4 pallet manufacturers and 2 retail/administration assistants, and are currently looking for another retail/administration assistant and a shed manufacturer.

Kevin Bond, Managing Director of Somerlap, said, “Despite the many challenges and hardships which the pandemic has brought to everyone, I’m really proud of the role which Somerlap has played in keeping the country fed. I’m extremely grateful to our staff for their hard work in recent months, and am really pleased that as a result of this we’re able to offer new employment opportunities in the area.”

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