With winter fast approaching, many of us will now be thinking about lighting our wood-burning stoves or open fires (if you haven’t already). There’s nothing quite like hearing the crackling of burning wood and feeling the warmth from the fire to make our homes feel nice and cosy!


DEFRA has produced a really handy guide to getting the most from your stove or open fire, and advises that to get the most out of your wood fuel it needs to be dried (with a maximum 20% moisture, a limit which will become law next year) and ready to burn. This will help get the most heat out of your stove or open fire, burn less fuel, reduce the risk of chimney fires, and reduce air pollution.

Here at Somerlap, we’ve got a full stock of logs, ready for the colder weather ahead. Here’s our quick guide to what we have and how best to use them:

  • Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs – made from mixed hardwood from sustainably managed forests in Wales, these are best for immediate use and come in a variety of volumes. The fans in our woodchip boiler have been working flat out drying lots of these!
  • Unseasoned Hardwood Logs – these should be bought to store now and used later in the winter, when your Kiln Dried supply has run out.
  • Wood Briquettes - made locally from recycled wood, these are great for raising the temperature of a fire before adding your logs
  • Kindling – these are made from recycled pallets and are an easy way to start your fire. We sell them in two sizes.


So there you have it – our full range of products, ready to go and available at our showroom in Mark. Unfortunately we don’t sell the hot chocolate and marshmallows to go with it, but you can’t have everything!

Logs and firewood