Looking for a gate for your garden or property? Here’s an overview of some of the most popular types of gates available from Somerlap.

Types of gates

Side and garden gates

Side gates are often tall gates, normally used to secure side entrances to gardens and properties. Check out the extensive Somerlap range of locks and latches for extra security. Garden gates are generally used for garden entrances where security isn't the primary concern (for example in front gardens). They're often more ornate or have visual appeal.

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types of gates from Somerlap From lockable, quick-fit modern latches and hinges, to the more traditional federal lock (far right): Somerlap stock fittings for all types of gates.

Entrance gates

Entrance gates are, as the name suggests, normally used at the front of the property or at the entrance to a driveway. There's a number of different styles of entrance gates, including:

  • Mells gates, which have close board bottom and a concave top.
  • Five bar gates are often used for fields or country properties. Often called estate gates, they have a open design with five horizontal bars.
  • Manor gates are perhaps the most impressive and imposing style of gate. Good for security, they have a close board design.

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Somerlap all types of gates – entrance The classic estate, or five-bar-gate (left) and the Hampton garden gate (right)

Gate tips

  • Consider what you’ll need to fit through your gate, and make sure it’s wide enough for your needs!
  • If you're not sure, it's always better to go wider.
  • Wooden gates come in a much bigger range of sizes than metal gates, so they might be the best choice if you need an unusual size.