real christmas treeThere’s something magical about getting a real Christmas tree – it has a wonderful Christmassy smell, each one is unique and there’s the excitement of going to choose your tree. But if you’ve ever wondered how much it costs to buy a real Christmas tree or why prices vary so much, this post is for you.

The cost of real Christmas trees depends on several factors, including the size, variety, whether they’re cut or living and if they come with a stand or pot.

With or without stand or pot

If your Christmas tree doesn't come with a stand, you’ll need to buy one. If you plan to have a real Christmas tree every year it can be more economical to buy a stand or pot separately as they can add upwards of £20 to the cost of a tree.

Cut or living

Although living trees can seem an economical option as you can use them more than once, there are a few things to consider:

  • Living trees are normally more expensive than cut trees of the same size.
  • If you opt for a living tree, you’ll need enough space for it to grow outside for the rest of the year. To ensure the plant isn’t stressed by the change of environment, you should only bring it inside for 12 days
  • Christmas trees generally aren’t suited to living in pots, so they may only live for a few years.

Variety and size

The main difference between the price of Christmas trees depends on the variety of tree and the size. The list below shows the results of our Christmas tree price comparison and how much you can expect to pay at different retailers. We based our comparison on a selection of Christmas tree varieties and sizes.

6ft Nordman Fir with no stand

  • Somerlap £48.00
  • Dobbies £49.99
  • John Lewis £75

7ft Norway Spruce with no stand

  • Somerlap: £24.60
  • Pines and needles: £52.95

6ft Blue Spruce with no stand

  • Somerlap: £34.20
  • Buy me a Christmas tree: £59

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