Quality garden and entrance gates should last well, however there will come a time when a new gate is needed. Here's how to tell if your gate needs replacing...

If it no longer swings

Gates that drag on the floor can quickly become damaged, so it's best to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

REPAIR if it can be resolved by tightening up the hinges or levelling out the ground.

REPLACE it if the gate itself is sagging.

If the posts are wobbly

Gate posts can become wobbly following bad weather, either from wind or surface water rotting the posts.

REPAIR if you just need to reinforce the posts.

REPLACE it if the posts are significantly damaged or rotten.

If the wood is warped or rotten

Gates that have not been treated and maintained can easily become warped or rot.

REPAIR if it's just a small section that can be easily fixed up.

REPLACE if the damage is widespread or the gate is in danger of falling apart.

If parts of the gate are loose

Wear and tear can cause latches and hinges, as well as the gate itself, to become loose.

REPAIR if it just needs tightening up.

REPLACE if the gate is no longer securely held together.

Gate needs replacing Adding new fixngs, replacing posts and treating the wood with a good preservative will prolong the life of your gate.