Choosing garden furnitureWooden garden furniture never goes out of fashion, so it's a great choice for all types of gardens. Somerlap have created a short guide on how to choose wooden garden furniture that’s right for you and your garden...

Hardwood or softwood?

Although hardwood wooden furniture is popular, softwood is more affordable than hardwood, and can be long lasting when properly treated.

Look for softwood that is pressure-treated with preservative, as this will not require any further maintenance or treatment and is protected against rot, decay, fungus and insect attack.

Type of timber

As well as checking if the furniture you are buying is hardwood or softwood, also look for the type of timber as this will make a significant difference to the strength, look and longevity of your furniture.

Slow grown softwoods such as redwood will be stronger and more resilient than quick growing softwoods. Similarly, certain hardwoods are more hard wearing and suited to the British weather than others.

Choose wooden garden furniture from sustainable sources

Look for the FSC certification when picking wooden furniture. FSC stands for “Forest Stewardship Council” and when you choose wood that is from FSC certified forests you can be confident it is from a forest that’s managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable way.


Wood furniture is now available in a variety of styles - from classic to contemporary so finding the right style for your garden shouldn't be an issue.


The size of your garden will also determine which garden furniture is right for you. If your garden is only small, you might like to choose folding chairs or a bench - however large gardens can afford the space for separate tables and chairs.

Also consider the size of your storage area - if you will be moving your furniture into a shed for winter - will it fit through the doors?


Another aspect to check when choosing wooden garden furniture is the availability of cushions that fit and suit your garden style. Our pallet furniture comes with custom cushions in your choice of colours.

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