Planning a vegetable gardenSo you’ve chosen your vegetable planter, what's next? Planning a vegetable garden can easily become a time-consuming task, which can be overwhelming for beginners. In this blog we cover how to choose what to grow in your planter and what to plant together.

Choosing what to grow

If this is your first time growing your own vegetables, then the easiest option is to choose vegetables that will grow from seeds outside. This means you don’t need a greenhouse and you won't need to worry about moving plants around.

5 easy vegetables to get started

The following, easy-to-grow vegetables can all be grown outside from seeds, making them perfect for veg growing novices:

  1. Lettuce
  2. Radishes
  3. Carrots
  4. Beetroot
  5. Broccoli

Lettuce and radishes are fast growing, so they can be sown in small amounts throughout the summer months, to deliver a constant supply of fresh veg. Carrots, beetroot and broccoli grow more slowly, but they don't require too much maintenance, making them good choices for beginner gardeners. Before long you'll have grown your own salad!

Organising your vegetable garden

Traditionally, vegetable gardens are planned in rows, but you can also divide your garden into squares. There are many guidelines for arranging and pairing vegetable gardens, however for a simple arrangement, try:

  • Sowing roots like carrots and beetroots together.
  • Planting salad vegetables (lettuce and radish) together.
  • Complimenting broccoli with herbs such as mint and dill, which help repel common pests.

Follow the spacing guidelines on your packet for the seed that you are sowing, as each plant requires a different amount of space. For example, sixteen radishes require about the same space as one broccoli.

When to sow

Refer to your seed packet for instructions for your particular variety of seeds, but as a general guide, you can sow:

  • Carrot seeds between March and June.
  • Lettuce seeds between March and August.
  • Radish seeds between March and July.
  • Beetroot seeds between April and July.
  • Broccoli seeds between April and July.

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Expert tips for planning a vegetable garden

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