Cold evenings don’t have to mean staying indoors when you’ve got a plentiful supply of ready to burn logs. Whether you have a wood burning stove, fire pit, or open fire, there’s never been a better time to stock up on fuel for those chilly spring evenings.

But before you place your order, read our recommendations for the best ready to burn logs to stock up your log store with.

Kiln dried hardwood logs

When it comes to getting an open fire going, kiln dried hardwood logs are a great choice. Our range of Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are made from a mixture of birch, beech, ash, oak, and chestnut. All the wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Wales. The logs are dried in our own onsite kiln until the moisture content is just 20%, meaning they will burn hotter for longer.

Our kiln is also powered by our very own Recycled Woodchip, made onsite from our unusable pallets and scrap timber – so this is a very sustainable ready to burn log choice.

Unseasoned hardwood logs

Unseasoned Hardwood Logs are a cheaper alternative, but will need to be dried until they have a moisture content of 20% or less.

Wet wood contains moisture, which creates smoke and harmful particulates when burnt. Not only is this damaging to your health and the environment, it can also damage your stove or wood burner. Wet wood also burns very inefficiently.

We recommend drying unseasoned logs for at least two years after purchase. We stock a fantastic range of timber Log Stores, ideal for preventing rain showers and ground moisture from spoiling your unseasoned logs.

Homefire Heat Logs

We also stock 12 packs of Homefire Heat Logs, a brilliant alternative to traditional firewood.

These prepacked ready to burn logs burn cleanly and efficiently. They burn 85% hotter than unseasoned logs, and generate 75% less smoke. Each log is already cut to the ideal size for stoking up a wood burner or stove.

Get READY for spring with Somerlap’s range of ready to burn logs

Don’t get left outside in the cold – explore our range of Timber and Firewood and stock up on premium Somerlap ready to burn logs. We deliver within 50 miles of our site in Mark, Somerset, and our friendly staff are always on hand to provide advice and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch to find out more.

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