Where should I install timber deckingWant to install timber decking in your garden? It makes a wonderful addition to an outdoor environment and gives you the opportunity to experience the ‘indoors, outdoors’ lifestyle. But where should you install timber decking? Adjoining the house? At the bottom of the garden? It all starts with deciding how you will use your deck.

Here's just a few options:

Joined to your house

If you want the decking area to extend your living space to the outdoors, then this is the best option for you. It allows you to use your decking like an alfresco sitting room and as an area to eat meals (when the weather allows!).

When you install decking that's joined to a property it does mean that more people may use it, so it's important to consider which decking boards you choose. If you're concerned about it becoming slippy, you could opt for our Anti-Slip Timber Decking Boards. We always recommend treating your deck regularly for longevity – the more footfall, the more treatment it will need.

At the bottom of your garden

For infrequent use, such as a quiet, shady reading spot, for a pizza party or the occasional garden party, you might choose to install decking at the end of your garden. This keeps it away from the hustle and bustle of the house and provides a welcome sanctuary or ‘chill-out’ zone.

In a sloped or uneven garden

It can be difficult to make use of sloped areas of garden. However, you can install timber decking almost anywhere. Leveling out the ground and creating stepped zones, with different levels of decking according to the severity of the slope, can add interest to your garden. With the help of potted plants and timber furniture, you can make the most of a 'limited use' area, turning it into something that both looks great and gives you another area of the garden to enjoy.

For more ideas about using timber decking in sloped, or awkward areas of your garden, read our Garden decking ideas for small and awkward spaces blog.

Need advice on how to install timber decking?

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