A raised planter provides the perfect environment to grow vegetables, they offer:

  • Improved drainage. Because the soil is raised they provide better drainage than planting directly into the ground.
  • More control over soil. You can choose the soil you put into your raised bed and pick soil that’s most appropriate for the plants you want to grow, rather than being hindered by the poor quality soil in your garden.
  • Easier to manage and access. Raised beds are higher so they reduce the need to bend, they also need watering less often than smaller containers.
  • Warmer soil. The soil in raised beds warms up quicker in spring, so your vegetables will be ready for harvesting earlier.
  • Easier to protect. Raised beds are easier to protect in winter (you can cover the area in fleece or netting). The soil is also protected from compaction because you don’t need to walk on it.

How to choose a raised planter


Your planter should be big enough to give all your vegetables enough room, but not too big that you have to walk on the soil to tend to your plants. Also ensure there is enough space beside your beds to walk through and get a wheelbarrow along, if needed.


Somerlap Raised Planter

Choose a planter at a height that makes it easy to work on. If you have limited mobility, look for a planter that can be raised off the ground.


The depth of your planter will be determined by which vegetables you want to grow – for example root vegetables need deeper soil. Many of Somerlap's garden planters can be made to your design so please get in touch if you need a specific depth or size.


Somerlap Half Log Planter

Garden planters come in a variety of designs – from planters made from decking to half log designs – so choose one that fits in with the overall look of your garden.

What to grow

Almost any vegetable can be grown in raised beds – what you decide to grow will depend on what vegetables you like, how much time you have to dedicate to your vegetable garden and what time of year you are ready to plant. If you are a vegetable growing newbie, some easy-to-grow veggies include broccoli, carrots and lettuce.