It can be tempting to leave garden fencing and not worry about replacing it until it has fallen down, but keeping an eye on your fence for potential issues could save you time and money in the long run.

If your fence is leaning or wobbling in the wind it could be a sign that your fence needs replacing, look closely at your posts and panels to see what is causing the problem.

Fence posts

Are your fence posts damaged, rotten or unstable? If any of your fence posts wobble then you need to take action to secure them.

If just one post is causing the problem then you could replace or reinforce the individual post. If the panels are still in good condition, they can then be reattached once you have completed the work.

If many of the posts are in poor condition (along with the panels), then it's probably wiser to replace the entire fence. Otherwise, you may find that you do lots of work patching up an inferior fence only having to replace it before the end of the season.

Fence panels

Have your panels become loose or broken? It’s vital to secure or replace panels or they could easily fall over in a strong gust of wind, causing more damage to your fence.

If your panels are affected by rot, it could be time to invest in new fencing. Again, if only one panel is affected, it should be a fairly straightforward job to replace it. If your fence has them, check that the gravel boards are not affected by rot.

However, if the majority of your panels are in poor condition, a new fence is likely to be a better investment than a repair job.

Need a new fence?

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