If you’ve read our blog you’ll know that we at Somerlap are keen on being as environmentally friendly as we can. But we bet you didn’t know that that extends to our lorry curtains too!

When our lorry curtains need replacing we send them to M-24 in Kingston St Mary in Somerset, where they have a new life as urban bags. M-24 began in 2012, when owner Mat Dusting began making the bags after noticing that sharp corners tore through the fabric of his university backpacks. He launched them at the national Ski Show that year and sold out of his stock, and seven years later his products have been featured in national press and specialist magazines.

We began supplying our old lorry curtains to M-24 several years ago, and have just sent a new consignment to Mat. Our Technical Administration Manager Nigel Puddy has also gone one step further, and spoke about M-24 at a recent Road Haulage Association meeting. He and Mat are now hoping that members will also supply their old lorry curtains to M-24 rather than throwing them away, so that Mat has new suppliers and new designs. Managing Director Kevin is currently waiting for a burgundy one to come into stock, as his daughter has requested one!

If you’re interested in the urban bags visit www.M-24.co.uk

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