instructions for hanging a 5 bar gateHanging a 5 bar gate is not a job for the novice, but it can be achieved by DIY enthusiasts with the right tools and a willing helper. In this blog we cover the basics of hanging a five bar gate.

1. Get prepared

Before you can start constructing your gate, you will need to prepare the area and collect together your equipment and tools. Unless you are hanging your gate on a slope, ensure the ground beneath the gate is level so that your gate will be able to swing freely.

If your gate is untreated, you may also want to apply a treatment before continuing. It's worth noting that all Somerlap softwood gates are pressure treated, whereas hardwood gates are not. The same applies to all our posts; softwood posts are pressure treated but hardwood posts are not. As well as your gate, you will also need to have the following to hand...

  • Gate posts (large enough to support your chosen gate)
  • Postcrete
  • Hinges and latch (garden gate fixings are not sufficient, please make sure you have the correct entrance gate fixings. Contact us if in doubt)
  • A friend to help (optional but recommended)!
  • Drill
  • Spirit level
  • Spanner
  • Socket
  • Spade
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer

2. Position posts

The first step in hanging your gate is to position your gate posts. Hold the gate up to your posts and check that they are correctly positioned to allow your gate to swing from the hinges and catch the latch on the opposite side. At this point you will need to decide whether your gate will be hung from the face of the post (in this case it will only open one way), or between the posts (so it will open in both directions).

Once you've determined the correct position, you can dig the supporting hole and secure the posts in place using postcrete. Holes should be at least 90cm deep.

3. Attach hinges and latch

This is the trickiest part. Carefully mark out the position of the hinges and check that your gate will hang level before drilling the holes and fixing your hinges to the gate. You can now mark out where the hinge pins should go on the post, before fixing them in place. You may need to do some adjustments to the hinge pins to ensure your gate hangs level.

Somerlap approved gate installers

PLEASE NOTE – this blog is not intended to comprise complete and detailed instructions for the installation of a 5 bar gate. Unless you feel completely confident, Somerlap will always recommend using an approved installer for your gate project. Please get in touch if you would like details of our planning and installation service.