Somerlap log storeStock up on firewood now and you’ll be warm throughout winter.

Kiln dried logs – ready for burning

If you haven’t already bought unseasoned logs to air, you’ll need to buy kiln dried hardwood logs which are ready to burn right away.

Kiln dried hardwood logs have been slowly dried in a kiln to give a moisture content of less than 20% (compared to around 20%-30% for seasoned logs and 50%-60% for unseasoned logs).

This means:

More heat

Because they have less moisture, kiln dried logs produce more heat than unseasoned logs.

More efficient burn

Kiln dried logs burn more efficiently, so you need less of them to generate more heat. This also means they can work out more economical than seasoned wood.

Cleaner burn

The higher temperatures generated by kiln dried wood also burn off sap and water left in the wood, meaning cleaner smoke and less flue and chimney build up.

Tips for buying firewood

  • You can buy logs by the net (3 nets is the same as the 80l bags we used to keep and are offer at £10.00 for 3!), loose or in a dumpy bag. Bigger volumes are normally more economical, but ensure you have somewhere undercover, such as a log store, to store wood.
  • Always buy logs by volume not weight, as the weight of logs is determined by the moisture content of the wood.
  • If buying unseasoned logs, allow at least six months for them to dry out before using in a log burner.
  • When having wood delivered by the tipping truck, make sure there are no overhead obstructions that may prevent your delivery.

Don’t forget firelighters and kindling

When you are ordering logs, don't forget to stock up on firelighters and kindling.

Logs and firewood