The BBQ garden shelter is perfect for BBQing, but there’s also plenty of other ways you could use it!

We offer custom sizes, so don't feel constrained by the standard size. Here’s six alternative uses to try...

1. A shady spot for pets

Whether you’ve got a dog, chickens or rabbits, they’ll all appreciate the shade underneath the shelter.

2. Children’s play area

Looking for a shaded spot to position a sand pit or outdoor toys, why not use the BBQ shelter?

3. Picnic spot garden shelter

Looking for an area out of the sun to enjoy a picnic, why not set up beneath the BBQ shelter?

4. Pizza oven shelter

Not into BBQ food? Use the BBQ shelter to host an outdoor pizza oven instead.

5. Cosy garden snug

Pop a small bench and a couple of cushions inside and you’ve got your own private garden retreat.

6. Outdoor bar

Holding a garden gathering? Keep the drinks in the shade by setting up a bar area under the shelter.

How do you use your BBQ shelter? We love seeing your pictures, share them with us @somerlap on Twitter!

Garden shelter Available with pent (flat) or apex (triangular) roof options, all Somerlap BBQ shelters features superior manufacture and stylish design.