Students at Mark College now have a new space of their own in which to enjoy the summer. Their existing student den was looking decidedly old and the decision was made that it could no longer be used. The college bought two sheds from Somerlap, who kindly supplied them at cost price with no charge for installation.

Sheds are perfect for student den

The lucky students have now turned the Somerlap Apex sheds into their new student den and are delighted with the new facility. Somerlap Managing Director, Kevin Bond said: “Mark College is an excellent local school and we were delighted to help them create a new outside area for the students.”

Kate Scott, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The students are very excited about their new dens and spend much of break time and lunchtime down at them playing and tinkering to make them their own. It’s a lovely addition to the school and we appreciate the support from Somerlap for supplying them and then installing them for free.”

Somerlap student den Mark College students enjoying their new student den supplied by Somerlap
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