It's not long to go until 30th October, which marks the end of British Summertime, when the clocks go back an hour. Here's five jobs to get done in the garden before we lose a precious hour of daylight for gardening.

1. Mow the grass

Grass won't need mowing over winter, so take advantage of the extra light to mow it now to get your lawn looking neat and tidy.

2. Start a compost

Now is the perfect time to start a compost. You'll have plenty of garden waste (including those grass cuttings from your last time mowing the grass!) and if you're lucky you'll have fresh compost ready to use in spring.

3. Get your garden ready for winter

Early autumn may be the last chance to put everything away and get organised before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

  • Put away garden furniture and any summer decorations that won't withstand being left outside.
  • Cut back perennials.
  • Check if your fencing and sheds will survive the winter and consider repairs or replacement if needed.

4. Consider birds

It's not just us heading into winter, consider birds who will be struggling to find food as it gets colder. If you'd like to feed birds over winter, why not install a bird table now before it gets too cold outside.

5. Protect plants

Protect plants that are likely to be affected by the upcoming colder weather and storms by moving them indoors or into the green house. You may also want to consider applying ground covering where needed.

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