We're pleased to announce that we're now fully equipped to turn old fencing and pallets into energy-creating wood chips.

wood chipper

Fencing and pallets that are past their best are created into wood chips, which can then be used as fuel in their own energy efficient timber drying kiln, that is supplied with 350 KW of heat produced from the very efficient burning of their recycled wood fibre.

Surplus wood chip is sold to a waiting list of customers who need the material to provide the fuel for producing electricity for our homes and factories. As part of the Governments drive to provide a balanced energy portfolio, renewable affordable fuel is vital to sustaining this policy, and wood chip provides an important element of this.

Old fencing and pallets are chipped into very small pieces and delivered to customers in bulk vehicles, where it is then transferred into the burning process via fully automatic screw conveyors, controlled by a main computer.

The technology is available to install such equipment in to standard homes, where it provides a very viable alternative to oil and gas.

As an additional service, we now collect and recycle unwanted old panels and pallets. Please get in touch if you're interested in finding out more.

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