Storage for logsEffective storage for logs is essential, especially for unseasoned logs that take around 12 months to dry out sufficiently prior to burning. In the same way you wouldn’t put water on a fire and expect it to burn hotter, moisture filled logs are not the most effective fuel for fires. Luckily, Somerlap have a superb range of products specifically designed for the storage for logs that will suit almost any home or garden.

Best selling storage for firewood

The Economy Log Store, is one of our best selling log storage units. Made from premium, softwood timber it's a great value, log storage solution specifically designed for outdoor use. Made to order on our Somerset site in Mark, this well designed and effective unit allows air to dry the logs without a build up of moisture.


The Shiplap Log Store is a robustly built and attractive log store. It's topped with a heavy duty felt roof that adds another level of protection from wet weather, while still allowing air to circulate through the slats on each side. Slightly larger than the Economy Log Store, it's available with or without a door.

A winning shed-log combo

Always innovating, Somerlap recently introduced the Logstore Shed to the log store range. It's perfect for maximising storage space in almost any garden size. These unique sheds are made to order, which means you can specify the dimensions and create a truly bespoke, quality hand made product. To find out more about the Logstore Shed, read our blog post.

Simplicity and style

This compact log storage unit is a great way to store logs when outdoor space is limited. It can be ordered pre-treated to protect the timber from the elements for outside storage. However, because it's made from timber, it naturally creates a simple, rustic look. Alternatively, it can be painted to match any interior and placed alongside a fireplace.

Money saving log storage

If logs aren't dried prior to burning, energy is wasted trying to burn off the excess moisture in the wood and heat output is decreased. So the drier the timber, the longer the burn and the less logs used. Burning logs with a reduced moisture content is also more environmentally friendly, because dry wood produces less smoke than wet, unseasoned wood. One more reason to invest in effective storage for logs!

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