Quality garden sheds that last 20 yearsSomerlap are proud of the fact we build quality garden sheds that last. Many other companies make the same claim, but we feel our timber products are genuinely excellent value for money. So we were delighted when Kenn and Sue turned to us to replace their existing Somerlap shed which they bought from us 20 years ago! The old shed was still going strong, but had suffered from being poorly positioned under trees and next to a wall.

Kenn and Sue's 20 year seal of approval

When Kenn and Sue Edney bought a shed for their garden in 1997, they didn’t think that it would be 20 years before they needed to replace it.

They bought their first Somerlap shed (to replace one which was falling apart) and chose Somerlap because, in those days, the company was located very close to their home in Ubley. Kenn says; "We knew the quality would be good: all round the village there were gates and other wooden structures bearing the Somerlap seal. We needed a shed made to measure and that simply wasn't a problem!”

A few years later they remodelled their garden and added another Somerlap shed, which was erected by their garden designers. In the intervening years they have replaced the roofing felt and facias but have experienced problems with positioning. Their small garden means the sheds are near a wall and under trees, and although the sheds still looked good from the outside, the continued leaf litter had taken it's toll on the roof and there was damp damage to the back walls.

A new Somerlap shed

Kenn and Sue came to the conclusion that they simply had to replace their Somerlap sheds, but felt that, if it wasn't for the poor positioning, there would have been no need to do so. Naturally they came back to Somerlap and are very pleased with their new quality garden sheds.

Kenn says: “Our new sheds appear to have been constructed to the same excellent quality with the attention to detail we've come to expect from Somerlap. The new 'bin store' shed has become the garden tool and pot shed - very efficient it is too, and accessible. I don't lose things at the back, which I used to with the big shed. Our new 'big' shed is longer than the original one, so there is more room in it to move around. We’ve also got some solar lights to go in it as well. We’re looking forward to another twenty years with the new ones!”

Quality garden sheds from Somerlap

Somerlap has been producing premium quality garden sheds for over 35 years. Our sheds are available in standard and custom sizes, and you're most welcome to visit the site in Mark, Somerset to see the sheds and the Somerlap difference for yourself.

Installation of quality garden sheds The original 20 year old shed (top left) and the brand new, fully installed replacement (top right and bottom left). Kenn Edney dismantles his faithful old shed (bottom right).
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