Somerlap Christmas tree saleAt Somerlap, we love a real Christmas tree. That's why we always try to source the best quality firs available, simply because they are easy to care for and enjoy throughout the festive period. Here's a few things to consider when choosing your Christmas tree:

Tree quality

Spend wisely. Cheap often isn't best, so make sure you buy your Christmas tree from a reputable retailer. Each year, we carefully select our Christmas trees so that we're sure they offer the best quality; including longevity, shape and of course, that very special Christmas pine aroma.

Christmas tree size

Size matters! Somerlap recommend buying a tree that's a minimum of six inches shorter than your ceiling height. This will allow enough room for your tree stand and topper. Don’t forget about the width: it is generally best to allow at least three inches around the tree to allow the branches to sit or settle properly.

Location, location, location

A perennial, festive dilemma: where are you going to put the tree? Do you need to rearrange furniture to accommodate it? If you are using electric lights, it will need to be near a power source. Try not to put your tree next to a radiator or fireplace as the heat will quickly dry it out.

Christmas tree care

Although our tree range is chosen for their non-dropping needle properties, we would still recommend daily watering. A Christmas tree is just like any other plant and giving your festive fir 1-2 litres of water daily, will help it stay in tip-top condition for longer.

Buying your Christmas tree

Our real Christmas trees will be available from the start of December. Bring the family (you can find directions to our Mark store here), choose your ideal tree and our friendly Somerlap staff will wrap it up for you. But be quick: our trees are always popular and stock is limited.

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