Somerlap shed protection

The key to protecting your shed during winter is to be prepared for weather conditions before they happen. Here's what to do before heavy rain, snowfall or strong winds.

Strong winds

  • Remove overhanging branches so they can't fall and damage your shed.
  • Check for loose felt and fasten down before the winds arrive.
  • Check your shed structure will withstand the predicted wind speeds. Secure any loose panels.


  • If possible, remove excess snow from the roof of your shed as soon as possible. The weight of snow can easily cause damage to your shed. Make sure you have a suitable implement for removing snow – such as a soft brush that can safely release snow without ripping roof felt.

Heavy rain

  • Fix any niggling leaks before heavy rain arrives.
  • Check there is no way for water to get in around the windows and doors - seal any gaps.
  • Correct any drainage problems - such as fallen leaves that may cause flooding.
  • Make sure electrical items are not stored on the floor.
  • Treat wood during the drier months so it is protected from excess water.

Does your shed need replacing?

Being prepared can only go so far if your shed is past its best. Give your shed a once over before winter hits with our 10 step shed health check.

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