Look after your Somerlap Christmas tree

Did you know, the average Norway Spruce has over 150,000 needles – so good Christmas tree care is vital if you don’t want them all on your floor!

Well looked-after Christmas trees can last four weeks – but pick the right tree to start with. A healthy tree has green (not brown needles) which shouldn’t fall off when you shake it. Once you’ve got your tree home, taking a bit of time to look after your Christmas tree will help keep it green, stop it dropping needles and maintain a fresh pine scent for longer.

Keep your real Christmas tree looking its best throughout the festive season with these tips...

Choose the right stand

Choose a stand that can hold your tree securely plus accommodate enough water to keep your Christmas tree hydrated – ideally look for one that can hold a few litres of water.

Cut off the bottom

Cut a small amount (2.5 centimeters or an inch) off the bottom of your tree before you put it in the stand, this will ensure that your tree can take on water. For best results, cut straight across, rather than at an angle.

Keep water topped up

Your tree will take on the most water when you first buy it, but don’t neglect it throughout the festive season. Your tree needs water daily, you might be surprised just how much it needs!

And a tip from our local farmer...

Before watering your tree, boil the water first, then let it stand for five minutes before watering the tree. This could stop the sap from getting hard and allow the tree to take on more water.

What not to do...

  • Cut your tree down to size to fit a stand, this will stop it from taking on enough water.
  • Put your tree somewhere that’s too hot, like right next to a fire or radiator.
  • Let the water level drop below the base of the tree.
  • Put soil in your stand (unless you have a potted tree), as it will prevent the tree from absorbing water as effectively. Instead use stones or rocks to hold the tree upright.

Still looking for the perfect real Christmas tree?

Come along to the Somerlap Christmas Fayre and pick up your tree this weekend, it’s the ideal start to the festive season.

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