In the third of Somerlap’s decking blogs, we look at how to maintain your garden decking so that you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Garden decking cleaning

It’s a good idea to give your decking a clean once or twice a year. If there’s no moss or staining, a quick brush and a hose down may be sufficient.

If your decking is particularly stained, you might want to use a decking cleaner (particularly after the winter) to get your decking looking its best for a summer of use. There are a variety of cleaners on the market which help remove mould, moss, dirt and stains. If your decking has been previously treated and is flaking, you may need to use a more powerful stripper to remove old treatments. If you're using a pressure washer on your decking be careful not hold the nozzle of the washer too close to the surface or you may damage the wood. A more environmentally friendly (chemical free) option is a steam cleaner which simply uses water and heat.

Decking oil

Once your decking is clean, you may want to apply decking oil to bring it back to its best. Decking that is greying can normally be improved with the application of decking oil. Wait for a spell of good weather so that your decking will be dry and you have ample time to apply the treatment.

By choosing an oil which penetrates the wood rather than a sealer (often called a protector or treatment) that sits on the surface you will avoid the problematic peeling effect as the film gradually flakes off. If you would like to add colour to your decking, look for oil with stain – test the colour on a small part of the decking first, just in case you don't like it!

Finishing touches

Now your decking is ready for summer, you may want to add some extra finishing touches. Decking planters are perfect for adding a touch of colour using summer blooms or a fragrant herb garden. Alternatively Somerlap have a wide range of quality garden furniture – perfect to complete your decking 'wow' factor. If you need any further advice for your decking project contact the Somerlap Team today.