As well as providing a home for attractive displays of climbing plants, trellis can also be used for a whole host of other uses, from screening areas you’d rather not see to adding decorative interest in your garden...

1. Support climbing plants

Trellis provides an ideal framework for plants like clematis and honeysuckle to grow, especially for those who don't have enough room for an arch or pergola in their garden. Use freestanding, fix behind garden planters or attach to a wall.

2. Screen areas you don’t want to see

Trellis is perfect for providing screening for less-desirable areas of the garden, for example around fuel tanks or rubbish bins.

3. Fencing that doesn't block the light

If you'd like to fence off an area without blocking the light, trellis fence panels provide an attractive solution.

4. Create different spaces in the garden

Omega Lattice Panel is part of the Somerlap trellis range

Use trellis fencing to create distinct spaces in your garden – for example maybe you want to section off an area for alfresco dining, or perhaps you’d like to create a secluded chill out space at the end of your garden.

5. Add design features

Trellis doesn’t always have to be functional, there are numerous ways it can be used creatively as a design feature in gardens. Some clever ideas we’ve seen include:

6. Increase privacy

If your garden is large or overlooked, adding a privacy screen around a patio, lawn or decked area can help create a more private and cosy feel, as well as adding interest to your outdoor space. Trellis panels provide easy and cost effective screening, plus you can increase privacy further by growing climbing plants on your screening.