The fencing ideas below will help add a creative twist to any garden this spring. Although, garden fencing is essential for marking boundaries and providing security, it's not all fencing is useful for. These ideas use fencing creatively for design features, privacy screening and decorative barriers.

Fencing as a design feature

Fencing doesn't always have to be functional. Trellis fencing can be used creatively as a design feature in gardens. Some clever ideas we've seen for using trellis include:

Decorative barrier fencing

Somerlap creative fencing ideas The Somerlap Cross Top panel combines praticality with design

Why not use decorative fencing as an aesthetically pleasing barrier? It's ideal for keeping children and pets safe and away from ponds, plants or certain areas of the garden. This cross top panel fencing looks great around this pond, but traditional picket fencing would work well too.

Interesting privacy screening

Somerlap fencing ideas The Somerlap trellis range. From left: flat top, convex, small hole and heavy duty

If your garden is large or overlooked, adding a privacy screen around a patio, lawn or decked area can help create a more private and cosy feel, as well as adding interest to your outdoor space. We recommend trellis panels for easy and cost effective screening – they can also be used to support climbing plants.

For more fencing ideas, check out our Pinterest board. Got a garden fencing idea you dream of making a reality? Get in touch and we may be able to make it for you.