You deserve to have wooden garden furniture that lasts for years and years – but harsh winter weather can be a menace. Heavy rain and surface water can cause wood rot, and high winds can damage garden furniture if it is not secured properly.

Read on for some top tips from Somerlap on how to protect your wooden garden furniture from the elements this winter.

1.     Clean your garden furniture

Something that’s important to get done before winter hits properly: cleaning your garden furniture. It’s vital to clean your wooden garden furniture whether you’re planning to leave it outside or store it inside during the cold weather, as this will ensure it still looks stunning when the sun starts shining and you can use it again.

Clean your garden furniture using warm, soapy water and a good brush. This will remove any dirt and algae that has accumulated over the year. It will also prevent any dirt soaking into the wood during the wetter, colder months.

2.     Treat softwood furniture

Softwood garden furniture needs to be treated to protect the wood during winter to prevent wood shrinkage and cracking, and to waterproof your garden furniture. Treatment should be applied after cleaning, and it’s recommended to treat your softwood garden furniture once a year.

Furniture made from hardwood is more resilient, and will weather to a silver colour over time and doesn’t need to be treated. However, you can coat it with a treatment – such as Alexander Rose Oil – if you want to keep its original colour.

3.     Store or cover your garden furniture

If you have the option to store your wooden garden furniture over winter in a garage or shed this will ensure it is as protected as possible. However, if you don’t have a storage space, covering your wooden garden furniture with waterproof covers is vital.

After cleaning and treating your furniture, ensure the legs are raised off the ground so they’re not standing in water. If possible, store your furniture on paving or decking rather than grass – this will reduce the risk of moisture soaking into the timber.

When the first proper winter storm hits, the last thing you want to see is your precious wooden garden furniture tumbling around the garden. Stow your garden furniture in a sheltered area of your garden and ensure it’s securely fastened down in case of high winds.

Protect your garden furniture this winter with Somerlap

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