Attract birds to the garden Ever wished more birds visited you in your garden? Here's what to do to attract birds to your property...

Make your garden a haven for birds

The plants in your garden will have a huge impact on how appealing it is to birds. Attract birds with plant-covered pergolas, places to take cover (prickly bushes are particularly useful for hiding from cats!) and plants with berries or seeds to feed on. The Royal Horticultural Society provide a full list of plants that birds love.

Invest in a quality bird table

The Somerlap bird table will help attract birds to a gardenThe Somerlap bird table is perfect for positioning bird food out of reach of other animals. It also doubles as a raised platform for bird watching. The RSPB recommend putting sunflower seeds on your bird table, particularly between October and April.

Tips for choosing and situating your bird table

  • Make sure it’s visible from the house so you can spot birds easily.
  • Choose a sturdy one so it is not toppled by winds.
  • If possible, position it away from hedges and fences so that cats cannot easily jump onto the table.

Attract birds with water

As well as food, birds also need water, so you can attract them to your garden with a plentiful supply. A bird bath provides the ideal place for a variety of birds to drink and bathe.

Make a record of your visitors

If you plan to attract birds, why not make a log of the different types that visit your garden. You could even take part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch.

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