Somerlap timber guaranteeSome timber companies offer guarantees on the life span of their products. Often they will claim their products are more expensive because of this guarantee (something they are able to offer because their wood is pressure treated). At Somerlap, our wood is just as high quality and pressure treated. But instead of offering a guarantee, we pass the savings onto you.

The reality is that there is no guarantee that wood will last a certain number of years, even if it has been pressure treated. Wood is a natural product, and therefore fluctuations in temperature and humidity may cause cracks and splits. Although pressure treating will significantly increase the lifespan of the wood, some situations will still reduce its longevity. If wood is left in standing water, for example, it will eventually weaken and rot.

Rest assured, even though we don’t offer a timber guarantee, you can still rely on Somerlap. We pride ourselves on our quality, sustainability and the highest level of service and customer care.


We truly care about the quality of our products, so we only use the finest materials. For example, we use slow-grown Scandinavian redwood for our sheds. We choose this wood because its finer, closer grain makes it more robust and it absorbs treatment far more effectively.


We are committed to the protection of the environment. All our timber is sourced from well managed, sustainable forests and we are always looking for new ways we can work in a more sustainable way.

Personal service

Our friendly and welcoming staff can help advise you on how to care for your wood for the longest life, and we also share advice and tips every week on our blog.

Local independent provider

Many of our products are handmade in Somerset. We employ highly skilled local people and by purchasing from Somerlap you are investing directly in the local economy.

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