Create your own Halloween gardenWith Halloween fast approaching, here's some creative ways to make it look seriously scary for the haunting holiday!

Get spooky with pallets

We love pallets here at Somerlap, and they're a surprisingly versatile Halloween decoration. Popular ideas include DIY pallet tombstones and coffin lids. Here's 75 different ideas to try!

Decorate your decking with petrifying pumpkins

You're less likely to be using your garden decking for sunning yourself in late October, so why not use it as a stage for a Halloween scene? Pumpkins are traditional, but if you'd like to get more creative, why not try and recreate this pumpkin spider.

Turn your shed into a haunted hideaway

Sheds are surprisingly spooky at night time, and you can easily amp up the spookiness for Halloween. You could even go all out and hang some "ghosts" at the entrance.

Make a fencing ghost

If you fancy yourself as a sculptor, then try your hand at making a "fencing ghost". These eerie figures are made from carefully shaped wire fencing.

Create a creepy entrance

Do you have a grand entrance gate? Make it more sinister for Halloween by adding fake spider web and a few fake spiders for good measure.

Ghoulish garden furniture

Even garden furniture can help create a scary scene – use it to provide a seat for some spooky skeletons or skulls.

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