Wondering whether to choose a concrete or wooden gravel board? We look at the differences between them.

What are gravel boards and why do I need them?

A gravel board is a piece of wood or concrete that goes under your fence panels next to the ground.

Their primary purpose is to keep the fence panel off the ground and ensure it does not come into contact with grass, plants or wet ground. This stops fence panels from taking on moisture and helps prevent them from rotting.

Installing gravel boards will increase the longevity of your fence panels and save you money in the long run. They also help give your fence a cleaner, neater appearance, closing any unsightly gaps at the bottom of the fence and giving your fence extra height. Gravel boards will also protect a fence from damage by lawn mowers, spade or fork work and ball games etc.

Concrete gravel board

Concrete gravel boards are long lasting and do not rot or decay like wooden gravel boards. There are few different styles available, we stock two types – smooth and recessed.


  • Long lasting.
  • Do not rot or decay.


  • More expensive up front, but shouldn’t need replacing.
  • Heavier to manoeuvre than a wooden gravel board.

Wooden gravel board

Wooden gravel boards will eventually rot. However, you are essentially sacrificing the cheaper wooden gravel board, in order to extend the life of your fence panel.


  • Good value. The initial cost is much lower than concrete gravel boards.
  • Provides a natural look, which some people prefer.


  • Can rot and decay but are easily replaced (and they're much cheaper to replace than fence panels).

A pressure treated wooden gravel board will have a much longer lifespan. To match the look of your fence panels, we have gravel boards in both pressure treated green and brown

Which is best?

Either a concrete or wooden gravel board will help your fence panels last longer. The choice really comes down to how much you want to spend up front and which you prefer the look of.


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