wooden boardsWhich is best: concrete or wooden gravel boards?

Both have their pros and cons, but which is the most suitable for you? If you’re stuck on the fence on deciding between a wooden or concrete gravel boards for your garden, this blog might help you decide. 

What is a gravel board?

A gravel board is a piece of wood or concrete that goes under your fence panels and sits on top of the ground beneath.

Their primary purpose is to keep the fence panel off the ground, to ensure it does not come into contact with grass, plants or the wet ground. This stops fence panels from taking on excessive moisture and helps prevent them from rotting.

Are gravel boards necessary?

Installing gravel boards will increase the durability of your fence panels and save you money in the long run. They help give a cleaner and neater appearance, whilst also closing any unsightly gaps at the bottom of the fence – ensuring complete privacy in your garden. Gravel boards will also protect your fencing from damage from lawn mowers, spade or fork work, and ball games.

Concrete gravel boards

Concrete gravel boards are long lasting and - unlike wooden gravel boards – don’t rot or decay. We stock two types: smooth and recessed.



Concrete gravel boards can last for decades with the right care!

Prevents rotting and decaying

Compared to wood, concrete gravel boards don’t rot or decay over time.

Easy to maintain

Unlike wood, concrete gravel boards don’t need to be regularly treated to remain effective

Strong and sturdy

A strong foundation for your fencing posts, concrete gravel boards are a great option if your fence needs extra support from high winds or storms.


More expensive

Although concrete gravel boards cost more, they will last a lot longer over time and shouldn’t need replacing.

Heavy to manoeuvre

An obvious downside is that concrete is much heavier to carry than wood. So, you might need an extra pair of hands to help!

Wooden gravel boards

Wooden gravel boards are a great option if you’re looking to extend the life of your fence panel at an affordable price. Despite wooden gravel boards being in expensive, they will eventually rot and, as a result, require much more maintenance than concrete gravel boards.


Good value for money

If you’re on a tighter budget, wooden gravel boards cost much less than concrete gravel boards.

Natural appearance

Provides a natural look, which some people prefer.

Pressure Treated

A pressure treated wooden gravel board will have a much longer lifespan. To match the look of your fence panels, we have gravel boards in both pressure-treated green and brown.



The downside of wooden gravel boards is that they can rot, and decay much quicker compared to concrete. However, they are easily replaceable and much cheaper to replace than fence panels!

How to fit wooden gravel boards 

We also offer installation services by our trusted tradesmen for all of our fencing, sheds, and decking products.

Which is best?

Either way, a concrete or wooden gravel board will help improve the appearance of your fencing panels and help them last much longer than without one. The choice really comes down to how much you are willing to spend up front and which you prefer the look of!