Brackenburn eco-logs from SomerlapSomerlap are pleased to announce that they now stock locally made, eco-friendly fuel Brackenburn Brackettes. 

What are Brackenburn Brackettes?

Brackettes are an innovative new fuel made from locally-sourced bracken.

Bracken (a large variety of fern) grows naturally in the nearby Mendip Hills. By harvesting it once it has turned brown, Brackenburn are actually helping increase the bio-diversity of the land. Once the bracken is removed, many different types of flora and fauna are able to flourish.

The “Brackettes” are made by first harvesting and then drying the bracken. The dried bracken is then compressed into briquettes.

Why choose Brackettes?

Perfect for log burners and open fires

The Brackettes are a no-hassle fuel, perfectly sized for using in log burners and open fires at home.


Because no trees are cut down to create the Brackettes, it’s an incredibly eco-friendly product.

More heat, for longer

Extensive testing has found that Brackettes burn hotter and for longer than oak!

Leaves behind garden fertiliser

Once burnt the bracken ashes contain nutrient rich potash, which makes an ideal garden fertiliser.

Support Somerset businesses

Brackenburn Brackettes are a great example of local business expertise. The innovative, Somerset-based business Brackenburn, are proud of their eco-credentials, which is why Somerlap Pallets are delighted to supply them with recycled woodchip that's used to heat the biomass burner that dries out the bracken. Brackenburn Brackettes are a Somerset product through and through.

Buy now

You can order your Brackettes online. Alternatively, why not visit us in Mark and collect them yourself? You can also browse our showroom and see all the other great timber products available from Somerlap (there's even free hot drinks available).

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